Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 5, 2006 Playlist

1The WildersToo Much WaterSpring a Leak
2VariousSteel Guitar RagBluegrass '96
3IIIrd Tyme OutYour Love is Like a RoseBest Durn Ride
4King WilkieSome Glad DayBroke
5The Gibson BrothersThe Barn SongRed Letter Day
6The Peasall SistersGrey County LineHome to You
7Dirk PowellPrettiest Little Girl in the CountyTime Again
8WildfireCan't Have One Without the OtherRattle of the Chains
9The Reedy BuzzardsCry Cry Darlin'The Reedy Buzzards
10The Reedy BuzzardsWhere the Roses Never FadeChapter & Verse
11Peter Rowan and the Nashville Bluegrass BandHigh Lonesome SoundTop of the Hill Bluegrass
12Tim O'BrienTrain on the IslandFiddler's Green
13Noam PickelnyMillvale WaltzIn the Maze
14Shawn CampMagnolia WindLive at the Station Inn
15The Seldom SceneI Know You RiderLive at the Cellar Door


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